Trust RidgeAire to Broker Your Aircraft

RidgeAire has been in the aviation industry for over 50 years. We bring unmatched industry knowledge to each and every brokerage, ensuring our clients get top dollar for their planes without it languishing on the market.

When you list a plane with us, we don’t sit and passively wait for the plane to sell. We leverage our industry knowledge and connections to find interested buyers who can afford and want to buy your plane.

We simplify the aircraft sales process. You won’t have to handle anything, from maintenance to marketing.

If you’re looking to sell one of your aircraft, contact RidgeAire today to speak with a salesman and learn how we can help.

The Airplane Brokerage Process

Whether you’re a pilot-owner, fleet manager, or business owner, there will come a time to sell your airplane. RidgeAire is in the market every single day, and with over 2,000 aircraft sold, we use a process to get your airplane ready for sale, listed, and sold.

Trust the Worldwide Aviation Experts at RidgeAire to get you to the closing table, and to get your airplane sold for top dollar.

1) Aircraft Preparation

Buyers want an airplane that they can jump in and take on their next adventure. Getting your airplane ready to list means starting with a thorough assessment of its current condition.

We review logbooks, inspect the aircraft, and check for any upcoming or overdue maintenance items. We then bring your aircraft to our base at Cherokee County Airport (KJSO) and take care of everything for you.

If necessary, we’ll upgrade avionics, refurbish the interior, and repaint the exterior. Our industry experience means that we work with trusted shops to get your airplane ready to list.

2) Pre-Listing

We work hard to ensure that our buyers have a premium experience, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal is through transparency. That’s why we take all of your aircraft’s logbooks and maintenance records and digitize them.

The digital copies are professionally organized and posted online for prospective buyers to review. This helps us prequalify buyers before they even pick up the phone.

Your paper records are then sorted, organized, and professionally stored, ready for delivery.

Once we’ve gone through the records, we develop a spec sheet that will give prospects all of the key details about your aircraft, including times, avionics, and features.

3) Marketing

With decades of experience comes a wide network of industry contacts. We advertise your aircraft on our website and on popular sites such as Controller and Trade A Plane.

We also reach out to other dealers in our network, who often have buyers looking for aircraft that we’re marketing for sale.

4) Demo Flights & Showings

With your aircraft up-to-date on inspections and airworthy, we coordinate with potential buyers to see the aircraft, inspect the logbooks, and fly a demo flight with us.

We hold on to all records and maintain control of the aircraft during the demo flight, so your aircraft is always in good hands.

5) Contract Negotiation

When a buyer is ready to sign a contract, we continue to work on your behalf.

We review the contract, negotiate any revisions, and then send it to you for final review and endorsement.

We’ve worked through thousands of contracts, so you can be sure that what we bring you is fair and protects your interests.

6) Pre-Buy and Closing

Once a contract is signed, the buyer will need to conduct a thorough pre-buy inspection.

We work with them to get the aircraft where it needs to be, and then follow up on any discrepancies noted. If there are discrepancies that must be addressed before closing, we’ll negotiate on your behalf, and with your approval, to remove any last roadblocks to closing.

We’ll also work with an escrow company to ensure that all documents are delivered and ready for closing.

7) Delivery

With the transaction closed and funds released, we’ll get the airplane, logbooks, and accessories delivered to the customer at a place of their choosing.

If you’re ready to sell your aircraft, put the worldwide aviation experts at RidgeAire to work for you. Give us a call and we’ll help you understand what your airplane is worth, and how we can help you get it sold.

Why List with RidgeAire?


We’ve been buying and selling planes for over 50 years. We know the market value your plane will fetch, and we have the industry knowledge to find a buyer anywhere in the world. Your aircraft won’t languish on the market when you list with RidgeAire.


We know planes and have sold over 450 since the year 2000. Our clients benefit from that knowledge, whether it be from a quicker sale or a more efficient inspection and maintenance process.


At RidgeAire, our motto is “people are more important than planes.” That’s why we’ve created a client experience that’s devoted to simplifying the listing and sales process–while ensuring you get fair value for your aircraft.