Get a fair market valuation of your aircraft

The value of an aircraft depends on many factors: total time, engines, records, maintenance history, avionics, paint, interior, and overall market conditions. Getting a true understanding of the value of an aircraft is much more complicated than simply using an industry-standard resource.

Brian Ridgley is a trusted bank aircraft appraiser. With over thirty years experience, through some of the most volatile times in aviation’s history, he uses his knowledge to provide accurate opinions of value on aircraft. From experimental to piston singles, light twins to turboprops, and business jets of all classes, we can help you understand the value of an aircraft as it sits today.

Appraisal Options

Bank Appraisals

RidgeAire provides up-to-date opinions of value on nearly any aircraft that your institution’s underwriters can rely on when making lending decisions. We close more than thirty transactions and write dozens of appraisals each year. We’re in the market every day, and have access to industry-leading resources to ensure that our appraisals provide an accurate opinion of value.

Owner Appraisals

Whether you’re looking to acquire an aircraft, sell an aircraft, or just understand your aircraft’s value, we can help! Staying on top of volatile prices can ensure that when you’re ready to write an offer or go to market, you’re striking at the right price. An appraisal can also help to ensure that you don’t have a gap in insurance coverage on your aircraft. Just like any other large asset, it makes sense to regularly evaluate and understand your aircraft’s value.

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Why Work with RidgeAire?


We’ve been buying and selling planes for over 50 years. We know the market value your plane will fetch, and we have the industry knowledge to find a buyer anywhere in the world. Your aircraft won’t languish on the market when you list with RidgeAire.


We know planes and have sold over 450 since the year 2000. Our clients benefit from that knowledge, whether it be from a quicker sale or a more efficient inspection and maintenance process.


At RidgeAire, our motto is “people are more important than planes.” That’s why we’ve created a client experience that’s devoted to simplifying the listing and sales process–while ensuring you get fair value for your aircraft.