RidgeAire is well qualified to offer the following services to our clients:


We understand that your time is limited. The resources available to potential aircraft buyers is overwhelming, you can easily spend hours daily looking for airplanes. We have the resources available to present you with not only a list of the airplanes you are seeking, but a professional opinion about what's currently on the market.

Market Research-

We have extensive market knowledge that will help you find the best value aircraft at the time you are interested in purchasing. We are subscribed to various aircraft marketing tools to assist with this.

Aircraft Identification-

RidgeAire is dedicated to efficiently presenting you with the best value aircrafts, allowing for a quick and easy side by side comparsion.

Final Analysis-

In order to aid our customers in their final decision, we will conduct a clear and precise analyis for your aircrafts of interest. Everything from condition and maintanence, to assigning values for equipment, we are dedicated to making the selection process as simple as possible.


Currently, RidgeAire is seeking quality aircraft to add to our inventory. If you want to sell your plane, want a fair price and to be treated professionally, call us and let's discuss your aircraft.


Ready to sell your aircraft? There is no better decision than to contract with RidgeAire. We'll use our vast array of time-tested resources to market and sell your aircraft at the highest possible price. During the course of the Brokerage Agreement, RidgeAire will hangar and manage your aircraft in one of our clean, secure hangars.

"Why not self-advertise and attempt to sell it myself?"

New and unexperienced sellers are unprepared of the hundreds of calls and emails that the selling process entails. Your exclusive broker has the experience necessary in selling your aircraft in a fair and timely manner.

"Why not choose the broker who offers the lowest commision rate?"

Typically, when a broker's commision rate is too low, he will skimp on proper advertising, and won't sell your plane in a decent time frame. At RidgeAire, we are strongly motivated to sell your aircraft in an effiecent manner.

"Why not choose the broker who thinks my aircraft is worth the most?"

Whenever a broker overevaluates the aircraft's worth, your aircraft is doomed to languish, while other aircrafts sell! Price guidance is essential to thrive in today's market. RidgeAire guarantees to fairly price your aircraft to where you get the get the maximum amount of value in the least amount of time, with respect to the market.


RidgeAire excels in completing aviation sales. We are here to serve you before, during and after the transaction is complete.

Valuation of Aircraft

We offer a Broker's Opinion of Value to our clients. We research the market daily and can assist you in making the decisions necessary to buy, sell or manage your aircraft or fleet. Appraisals can help if you want to know what your airplane is worth, but we can go a step further, illustrating cost of ownership, current value and market conditions.